About Zwapall

Welcome To ZWAPALL, World’s First, And Only Intellectual Property, Business Asset & Business Deal Global Platform

Unlock The Value Of All Your Intangible & Tangible Business Assets At One Place

Zwapall Is A Global Private Market Network For Intellectual Property Owners, Business Owners, Investors, Collaborators, Acquirers, Lenders, Buyers, Sellers, Licensees, Commercial Property Owners Etc. Our Platform Opens For You A World Of New Personal And Business Opportunities, Helps To Liquidate Locked Assets And Stimulate World Economy

Who Are We?

Zwapall Was Ideated By Anup Joachim, A Leading Intellectual Property Expert And International Business Consultant. It Was Brought Into Fruition By Mr. T.J. William, Mrs. Mridula Anup And Mr.Rantel Perreira.

Zwapall Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Receives Its Revenues From Subscriptions, Match Making Services, Advertisements And From Providing All Kinds Of IP & Business Support Services.

Our Mission

The mission of Zwapall is to provide Intellectual Property owners and Businesses across the globe an opportunity to monetize their assets, make Entrepreneurs aware that Intellectual properties are valuable business assets and connect the world’s Intellectual Property owners with Entrepreneurs to make them more productive and successful.

Our Vision

Create economic opportunity for Intellectual property owners and entrepreneurs across the globe