Business & Startups

Business can be defined as an organization or enterprise engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. All kinds of businesses under the sun which are legal and registered in their respective countries can be listed here.    

Businesses can be in the form of proprietorship, a partnership, corporation or limited liability company, limited liability partnership, society, trust etc. Businesses can range from small operations operating in one industry to large operations operating in many industries around the world. It could be retail or wholesale outlets, restaurants, hotels, health care clinics, hospitals, research centres, labs, health clubs, night clubs, casinos, tech companies, service providers, product manufacturers, exporting companies, marketing companies, legal or tax firms, banks, credit card companies, advertising companies etc.
Start-ups are new companies or project undertaken by an entrepreneur to seek, develop, and validate a scalable business model. In order to receive investment it is better to be registered as a limited liability company capable of issuing shares. Start-ups whether one person companies (OPC’s), partnership concerns, LLP’s, Pvt. Ltd or LLC’s need fund to scale. Investments are received by start-ups which provides a solution or unique product, are scalable and have the potential to generate substantial income.
Why use Business & Start-up Listing
Zwapall is a Private Global Market Network which helps you to unlock the value of your Intellectual Property, Business and Business Assets.
In this global platform Entrepreneurs who wish to sell their business or wish to receive investment or finance can post their requirements. Buyers, investors and financiers can also find potential business opportunities.
• Business owners can list their business for sale or lease. Interested buyers from across the globe can find and contact them
• Business owners can collaborate with JV partiers, receive investment or finance
• Franchisees can find valuable and potential business
• Buyers who are looking for potential business can acquire or merge or collaborate or partner with owner, swap their business with another business or property etc.
• If Buyers could not find suitable sellers or business partners, they can post their requirements and any interested Seller or start-up owner looking for investment can contact them.
Zwapall Business Facilitation Service
       Buyers and Investors who do not wish to disclose their identity until the point of investment due to several reasons or an Entreprenuer who do not wish to negotiate with Investor or financier directly due to several reasons including lack of experience in raising funds can use the services of Zwapall team. Zwapall team shall charge only a fraction of the fees normally charged by an Business consultants. Zwapall team also provides match making service if Buyers and Entrepreneurs are too busy to frequently check the posting in the site.
Support Services through trusted Zwapall Business Associates 
      Zwapall arranges support services from reliable service providers like valuators, financiers, intellectual property experts, bankers, chartered accountants, company secretaries, insurers, bankers, export consultants, brokers, business consultants, corporate lawyers, certification companies etc.

Need Business Support Services ? We shall connect you with the Reliable Service Providers.