Copyright is a kind of intellectual property law that is granted to original pieces that may be in the form of literary, dramatic, artistic or musical works. Broadly speaking, a copyright is granted to protect an original idea that is expressed in a fixed form.

Copyright covers an enormous range of works – not just books, music, paintings, sculpture and films, but also computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps and technical drawings, among other things. There are also rights related to the copyright of the creators that protect the interests of those closely associated with copyrighted works, including performers, broadcasters and producers of sound recordings. Copyright is protected by a mixture of national and international laws. These recognize the cultural and social importance of creative endeavour as well as its considerable economic value. The underlying aim of copyright law is to strike the right balance between the interests of content creators, developers and investors and the public interest in being able to access and use creative content.

Copyright applies to the creative expression of ideas in many different forms – text, still or moving pictures, sound works, three-dimensional shapes such as sculptures and architecture, reference works and collections of data. National copyright laws rarely provide an exhaustive list of everything that is covered. However, copyright does not generally cover ideas themselves, procedures, methods of operation, or mathematical concepts.

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