A patent is a kind of intellectual property protection that is given to “inventions”. A patent confers exclusive rights to the patent owner to exploit their inventions for a limited period that varies with jurisdiction. A patent, by nature, is territorial in nature and hence a patent granted in one jurisdiction cannot be enforced in another jurisdiction.

Once the patent is infringed, the patent owner is authorized to send cease and desist letters, obtain injunctions from a court of law against infringers and even claim damages or account of profits from the infringers.

By patenting an invention, the patent owner gets exclusive rights over their inventions, whereby he/she can bar anyone from using, making or selling the invention without authorization. A patent owner gets exclusive rights over a patented invention and in return, the patent owner would have to disclose his invention in the patent documents. After the 20 years, information about the patented invention would be in the public domain. Unlike trademarks, patents cannot be perennially renewed.

Need for Patent Listing

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Object of granting patent is to encourage and develop new technology and industry. Granted or issued patents need to be listed for the following reasons:

• A patent holder who could not utilize the patent on their own or commercially exploit it can monetize the same by either assigning (selling) it or licensing the same for a royalty fee.

• Patented inventions need to be utilized or commercially exploited. It could be revoked at the instance of a third party for non-working for a certain period of time or where the working has not resulted in the satisfaction of the reasonable requirements of the public in respect of the patented invention at a reasonable price. So inventor(s) may collaborate with interested parties.

• Some may be interested in a defensive patent acquisition to avoid future problems from inventors or patent holders of similar patents.

• If a patentee is not willing to defend their patent through the time consuming and expensive process of litigation, especially when they are of the opinion that patent is not worth as to invest money on litigation or is not that successful in commercialising it, can bargain with a competitor and obtain royalties for the infringing activities or operations of the competitor. More often than not, the infringing party is willing to enter into license agreements with the patentee and pay royalties than getting entangled in litigation procedures

Ideally only granted patents should be monetised or commercialised. In most jurisdictions it takes a very long time to issue a patent. So patent pending inventions are also licensed or assigned by inventors. In such cases assignees or licensees should get a proper patent search done by a patent professional. An Inventor should ideally take professional help from a Registered patent agent or patent attorney while drafting a provisional patent specification and describe the invention with level of detail and sophistication required by patent laws, because poorly drafted provisional patent applications are worthless.

Zwapall Patent Facilitation Service

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Patent Services through trusted Zwapall Business Associates

      Zwapall arranges third party support or its in house IP department team for Preparing Licensing and Assignment agreements, Patentability search and advice, Freedom To Operate Search in foreign markets, International Patent filing and registration, timely Patent renewal, Patent national phase entry services, Patent watch dog services, Patent or Intellectual property (IP) Portfolio management services, Patent Valuation services etc.

      By filing a patent application and designating countries through the PCT route or by filing patents in Paris convention countries an inventor or applicant can increase the value of their patent. They can sell the patented products or license it in many markets as patents can be protected in all those countries.

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