Trade Secret

A Trade Secret is any practice or process of a company that is generally not known outside of the company. Information considered a trade secret gives the company an economic advantage over its competitors and is often a product of internal research and development. Trade Secret could be a recipe, formula, computer algorithm, method, techniques, processes, customer or client list etc. Famous trade secrets would be recipe of Coca-Cola, Google’s search algorithm, Listerine, Vicks, etc. Thus they possess inherent economic benefit because they are not readily available or ascertainable by others.

Need for Trade Secret Listing

Zwapall is a Private Global Market Network which helps you to unlock the value of your Intellectual Property.

Any person willing to gain commercial economic benefits out of the trade secret requiring facilitation to expand and work on them can list the basic outline not injurious to the trade secret thereby allowing interested parties to approach for the furtherance of the goal. Those seeking investors for building on their formulas or trade secrets could through this platform find the best match enabling progress with their work

Trade Secret Facilitation Service

A Buyer who does not wish to disclose their identity until the point of assignment and a Seller who do not wish to negotiate with a buyer directly due to several reasons including lack of experience in monetising his intellectual property can use the services of Zwapall team. Zwapall monetizes trade secrets for you and charges only contingency fees. Zwapall team also provides matchmaking service if Buyers and Sellers are too busy to frequently check the listing/ posts in the site

Trade secret through trusted Zwapall Business Associates

Zwapall arranges third party support or from our in house IP department team for providing services like registering Trade secrets with available depositories, prepare the various agreements and contracts, IP legal services etc.

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