Industrial Design

       Those elements of a product that are ornamental, aesthetic or appeals to the eye are protected as an industrial designs. However, all the technical aspects of that invention would have to be protected by a patent. The protection given for industrial designs is very important in the present economy where a massive range of products are offered with the same basic functionality but with varied designs, thus leaving the consumers to choose between different designs. Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of industrial products and handmade goods: furniture, pet bottles, cars, telephones, computers, packaging, containers, watches, jewellery, electrical appliances, textile designs, building materials, technical and medical instruments and many other types of goods.

A design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or two-dimensional features such as patterns, lines or colour. To qualify for protection as an industrial design under most national laws, the design must be new and show a degree of originality or individuality, meaning that it is not identical or very similar to any previous design. Moreover, it must be capable of being produced industrially, so uniqueartworks are not covered.

Need for Industrial Design Listing

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A registered design owner can assign or license his industrial design. Industrial design rights holders who cannot utilize their design own their own or commercially exploit it can monetize the same by either assigning it or licensing the same for a royalty.

Sellers or licensors can post details regarding their designs. Prospective buyers or entrepreneurs who are interested in such a design can either buy or license the design for using them or commercially utilizing them.

Interested Buyers can invite designs by posting or listing their requirements and any interested Seller who has a registered design that matches the requirements of the buyer can contact them.

Industrial Design Facilitation Service

A Buyer who do not wish to disclose their identity until the point of assignment or license and Sellers who do not wish to negotiate with a buyer directly due to several reasons including lack of experience in monetising his/her Industrial design can use the services of Zwapall team. Zwapall monetizes registered designs for you and charges only contingency fees. Zwapall team also provides matchmaking service if Buyers and Sellers are too busy to frequently check the listing/posts in the site.

Industrial design through trusted Zwapall Business Associates

Zwapall arranges third party support or from our in house IP department team for providing services like Industrial design search, Freedom to operate search (FTO) in foreign markets, Industrial design filing, and registration, Design renewal, Design or Intellectual property (IP) Portfolio management services, prepare the assignment and license agreements, etc.

By registering Industrial designs in various potential markets, a design rights holder can get higher value for their designs. Seller or licensor can also provide Exclusive or Non-exclusive licenses in many markets as designs can be protected in all those countries.

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