Business Assets

Business Assets is a piece of property or equipment purchased exclusively for business use. It refers to buildings or land intended to generate a profit, either from capital gain or rental income. Commercial property includes office buildings, factories or industrial units, medical clinics, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, salons and spa, malls, retail stores, cinema halls, multifamily housing buildings or apartment complexes, farmland, warehouses, and garages. In many countries, residential property containing more than a certain number of units qualifies as a commercial property for borrowing and tax purposes.
Business Assets also includes internet domains, mobile applications and excess inventory. Excess inventory may be idle machine and machine tools, surplus raw materials for industrial purposes, vehicles, aircraft like business jets and helicopters, watercraft including yacht, office furniture, scraps for recycling, electrical and electronic goods, computers and hardware, cooking apparatus, air-conditioners, cooling and refrigerating system, chemicals used in industry, lubricants, oil and gas, agricultural equipment, hand tools, and implements, clothing, textiles, and textile goods, building materials, packing materials, precious metals, office automation, horological and chronometric instruments, footwear, handbags, and traveling bags, fertilizers and manures, frozen foods and beverages, carpets, mats, and mattings; yarns and threads, Alcoholic beverages, etc.

Why use the Business Assets Listing
Zwapall is a Private Global Market Network which helps you to unlock the value of all your Intangible and Tangible Business Assets. In this global platform Sellers, Buyers, Tenants, Lessees & Licensees can post their buy and sell requirements. Sellers can now unlock the value of their movable and movable business assets.
• Business property owners can list their unused, surplus and idle business assets and inventory for Sale, Lease, License etc.
• Buyers or potential Tenants, Licensees, Lessees who are looking for a ready to use business assets or properties can collaborate or partner with owner, buy, lease or even swap their property with another property
• If Buyers could not find suitable business properties or business assets that suit their requirements, they can post their requirements and any interested Seller or Licensor or Lessor who has a property or asset which matches the requirements of the buyer from across the globe can contact them.

Zwapall Business Asset Facilitation Service
       A Buyer who do not wish to disclose their identity until the point of purchase due to several reasons or Seller who do not wish to negotiate with buyer directly due to several reasons including lack of experience in negotiating maximum value for his assets can use the services of Zwapall team. Zwapall monetizes business property for you and charges only a reasonable contingency fees. Zwapall team also provides match making service if Buyers and Sellers are too busy to frequently check the posting in the site.

Support Services through trusted Zwapall Business Associates
      Zwapall arranges support services from reliable service providers like appraisers, surveyors, valuators, financiers, bankers, movers & packers, transporters, insurers, bankers, export consultants, brokers, lawyers, quality controllers, inspection agencies etc.

Need Business Property Support Services ? We shall connect you with the Reliable Service Providers.