What is Business Property?

The Term Business Property (Also Called Commercial Real Estate, Investment Or Income Property) Refers To Buildings Or Land Intended To Generate A Profit, Either From Capital Gain Or Rental Income.[1] Commercial Property Includes Office Buildings, Medical Centres, Hotels, Malls, Retail Stores, Multifamily Housing Buildings, Farm Land, Warehouses, And Garages. In Many States, Residential Property Containing More Than A Certain Number Of Units Qualifies As Commercial Property For Borrowing And Tax Purposes.

Commercial Buildings Are Buildings That Are Used For Commercial Purposes, And Include Office Buildings, Warehouses, And Retail Buildings (E.G. Convenience Stores, 'Big Box' Stores, And Shopping Malls). In Urban Locations, A Commercial Building May Combine Functions, Such As Offices On Levels 2-10, With Retail On Floor 1. When Space Allocated To Multiple Functions Is Significant, These Buildings Can Be Called Multi-Use. Local Authorities Commonly Maintain Strict Regulations On Commercial Zoning, And Have The Authority To Designate Any Zoned Area As Such; A Business Must Be Located In A Commercial Area Or Area Zoned At Least Partially For Commerce.

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