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Liquid drainer

Industrial Design India

Exclusive License
INR 10

Industrial design registered Rice Juice drainer is available for bulk manufacture and marketing across India. It may be through Exclusive o...


Trademark India

INR 1.7 Lac

Bubblez - Catchy Brand Name ideal for Mineral and Aerated waters; Packaged drinking water. Trademark Can be Renewed for another 10 years and...


Trademark India

INR 20 k

PUZZLES brand or business name is catchy, intriguing and easy to remember. It is registered in respect of READYMADE AND TEXTILE SHOP, RETAIL...

Karunya Computers

Trademark India

INR 1 Lac

Karunya Computers brand is catchy and easy to remember especially when used in respect of showroom, wholesale and retail outlet for sales ...

VAVI, A better life

Trademark India

INR 60 k

VAVI brand is catchy and easy to remember. It can be used for all kinds of APPARATUS FOR LIGHTING, COOKING; WATER SUPPLY AND SANITARY WARES;...